Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some thought after selling topglove...

1 day after I sell out all my topglove, I have some thought…

I check back topglove latest 4 quarter earning eps.

2009 full years eps is 57.25 sen, last closing price is 11.38, PE = 19.87

If I use latest 4 quarter eps to calculate the eps = 67.65, PE = 16.82

If I use latest 3 quarter eps and estimate eps for next quarter, we get eps 14.31 + 19.18 + 21.94 + 21.94 (estimate) = 77.37 sen

So the PE is only 14.71, relatively low compare to other glove counter

Is it I make a wrong move for selling all my topglove ? I dunknow…

I will try to buy back on next Monday at lower price.

But if the glove counter correction really come, nobody can denied the falling trend.

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