Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010, day 8

morning sell cscstel 1.38 all match (today only T+2, actually should wait 1 more day, but i was scare by the morning market, so decide to sell all first)

sell zhulian zhulian 1.66 , rugi a bit run liao (becoz i c got 1000lots block at 1.67, yes, this time kena the big fish trick liao) , they start to push zhulian to 1.70 in the afternoon.

after i sell cscstel, big fish come in, push to 1.40
sell my GAB change to cscstel 1.40

and chase high cscstel 1.39 (not a good practice again, LOL)

all the glove share drop in the morning, all rebound in the afternoon topglove close 11.30, up 40 sen)

cscstel and zhulian now is in rising formation, chance to win are very high, so bad i dun hav $$$ to hold anymore.

cscstel maybe giv 10sen dividen for the next financial end report
zhulian may giv 3sen dividen in next quater report, i think will announce by end of this month

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