Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010, day 13, Harta

Today harta fly open 7.20, high 7.71, close 7.63, wahahaha, lucky i not sell last friday.

Yesterday there was a CIMB analysis report about harta, harta quater report will be out on 28 Jan 2010, and they rate as OUTPERFORM, target price at 11.24, so high huh.

For my experience, CIMB research really like to give very high target price, i also dunknow y, LOL

PBB release their quater report today, thats why last 2 day PBB rise so much.

Nothing special about today, KLCI close at 1306.62, new high again, andhad stand above the 1305 resistance, so now how ?

Still waiting QL, cscstel and zhulian to explode.
Zhulian just announce 5sen single tier dividen, haha.

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