Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010, day 9

What an amazing year of 2010, paper gain now rise to 12.6% already, thanks to topglove and harta.

today i sell yesterday chase high ticket cscstel at 1.47, have earn some pocket $.
zhulian and cscstel hav up, i guess next 1 is QL, last run before its bonus share exdate.

And i guess nestle is coming soon, i m waiting nestle 4th quater financial report, and the final dividen, hope can get RM 1.00.

These few days, there are a lot of voices talking about glove counter, etc like, glove bubble, overprice, goreng too much, i think , if those glove counter really have the earning, we still can hold for a while.

Lets wait for supermx coming quater report, if the earning no good as market estimate, the bubble will burst.

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