Friday, January 15, 2010

2010, day 10

Here we have today top loser counter, take a look
No. 1 to No. 8 all is glover counter, BRAVO....

Is it The Glove titatic start sinking, we dunknow.

What a day today ! today most all of the rubber glove diving, is this the end of the rubber glove stock rally, or just the big fish want to scare off those small fish ?

At the end, I decide to sell all of my topglove, I first bought it at 06 May 2009, today is 15 Jan 2010, I hav hold it for 8 month. In 8 months time, topglove had generate for me approximate 80% profit on 1 counter, what an amazing year of 2010 bull rally for me .

Now I still hold another glove counter harta, will make decision on Monday market. I think the glove counter will start to make correction.

Today klci had touch the 1300 mark, but closed lower at 1298.58, yet another new closing high.
Watch out for steel sector next week, I feel now the big kaki start to goreng sector by sector, I hope the next 1 is steel sector, and construction sector should be under goreng soon.

CNY effect is really hot hot and hot, hot like a sexy lady...

QL, zhulian, cscstel, is my next riding horse, high chance to win...
this horse must ride ....gogogo.

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