Monday, January 18, 2010

2010, day 11

Today morning, all glove counter diving.

latexx low 3.85, close 4.22, up 3sen
topglove low 11.20 close 11.42 up 4 sen
harta low 6.90 close 7.10 up 4 sen

i think last friday i make a wrong decision to sell all of my topglove.

Morning, topglove hav 1500 lots block at 11.20 sell Q, other sell Q price only hav less than 100lots queing. Actually 11.20 is a good price for me to buy back.

Yes, same trick this time i kena again like last few day i kena in zhulian.
same pattern trick they do, and i still kena tipu by same method. must remember next time liao.

狼来了的故事可以重复用很多次,但是每次大家都还是会受骗 。

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