Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010, day 7

Today latexx up 68sen, close 4.60, siao liao.
All of the rubber stock still rising, when will it stop ?

Today is topglove AGM, their boss Mr. lim say they still wan to expand expand expand, check my previous post here.
what u think ? Is it use good news to goreng the share price only ?

Today the nestle, someone sell to buyer at 11.25am total transaction is 3592 lots , that is equal to 359200 shares, the total transaction value is 359200 X RM 33.00 = RM 11,853,600 in 1 transcation, what happen woh ?

This morning almost wan to chase high the share globaltronic, but finally i decide not to do it, it is a good decision i had make. If i chase high, i sure will check in stuck inside hotel room liao.

Until day 7, year 2010 paper gain 8% +++, thanks to the rubber stock i hold.
This is the first time i experience the bull market, so, what is a bull market ?
This is my explanation: goreng goreng and goreng, confident, volume, easy money.

if u hav a nice planining of share selection b4 the bull market come, u can make a very good fortune when the bull really come.

Now the market is very hot, so when is the end of this bull run ?

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