Monday, June 27, 2011

Woodlands Train Checkpoint all set ‎7月1日起,可以在KEMPAS BARU搭火車到新加坡。

By Saifulbahri Ismail | Posted: 27 June 2011 1839 hrs

SINGAPORE: The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said it expects a smooth transition when the Woodlands Train Checkpoint begins operation on Friday.

That is the date when Tanjong Pagar and Bukit Timah Railway Stations cease all operations.

Trains to and from Malaysia will depart from and arrive at the Woodlands Train Checkpoint, from July 1.

There will be seven train services arriving and departing daily, from the checkpoint.

The ICA said it is all set to operate at the new checkpoint.

ICA operations division director Bhopinder Singh said: "For the past one year, ICA has been working very closely with our Malaysian counterparts and various Singapore agencies to facilitate the relocation of the Malaysian train station and CIQ from Tanjong Pagar railway station to Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

"Over the next few weeks, we will be monitoring the situation here very closely and ensuring a smooth and steady clearance process".

Travellers by train to Singapore will first go through Malaysia Departure Clearance in Johor Bahru.

They will clear Singapore Immigration when they arrive at the Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Passengers can expect a clearance time of between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the train load.

At the Woodlands Train Checkpoint, travellers departing from Singapore to Malaysia will first clear Singapore immigration.

Travellers will then proceed to a new facility, the Malaysia Arrival Clearance, where final preparations are currently being made.

After clearing Malaysia immigration and customs, travellers will then board the train bound for Malaysia.

Transport connections are also being improved by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

The number of taxi bays has been increased from two to five.

In addition, the bus bay has been lengthened and bus shelter extended from nine to 36 metres.

LTA group director Colin Lim said: "Together with ICA, LTA has done an analysis of the current usage at the Tanjong Pagar station and based on our analysis, the overall volume should be incremental rather than substantive.

"As such, we do not see a big impact on the existing transport services.

"Nevertheless, we have also taken some steps to increase the infrastructure here, and over the next several weeks, LTA will be monitoring the traffic -- the bus flows as well as the taxi queues".

From July 1, train tickets can also be bought at the new Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad ticketing office at the train checkpoint.

All cargo and parcel services by rail will also cease on that date.


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