Monday, February 22, 2010

Supermx 很大可能会发红股

从 millionpool 专区得来的消息。。。

Supermax CEO的诚意还不错嘛。。

Supermax CEO的诚意还不错嘛。。:$

我今天email 问supermx关于tresury share distributeed as special dividen的事,想不到还是CEO Stanley Thai亲自这么快就回我了。。哈哈。。

MARCH 会给我们as Bonus Issue??

DATO SERI Stanley Thai 的reply如下:

The Gain from Sale of Treasury Shares is capitalized in the Capital Reserve in Share Premium Account as one of the Balance Sheet items.

It would be distributed to Shareholders in the form of Bonus Issue among others.

The company would make the announcement via Investment Banker once the IB is appointed in early March,2010

Thank you

Dato'Seri Stanley Thai
Group Managing Director
Supermax Corporation
Text & Cell: +1630 696 1588

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SUPERMX的Q4季度報告 (attachment)后得到以下資料。。。
As at 31/12/2009:
Share Capital (’000): 134,125
Reserve (’000): 423,874
其中317,326為Retained Profit

106,548 為Reserve attributable to Capital

那庫存股的盈利1955萬就納入了Reserve attributable to Capital, 現在有一億左右。。。

所以share capital 134,125 vs 106,548。。。

经过网友证实,stanley 已经在FB公开红股消息,所以99% 准确,announcement date 未知。
Supermx bonus issue, March 2010

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