Saturday, November 22, 2008


Ready for operations: The new CIQ complex in Bukit Chagar is already operational, with several government agencies testing their machines and systems.

At least two trial runs have been held in July and this month to test its effectiveness.

Once fully operational, the complex named Kompleks Sultan Iskandar will be able to handle 70 million visitors annually.

It is learnt the Customs and Excise Department and Immigration Depart- ment have also relocated their staff to the complex several months ago.

“Everything is now ready and everyone is only waiting for an official opening date,” a source familiar with the project said.

It is learnt the Sultan of Johor is expected to open the building.

Once fully operational, the complex will house 18 government agencies.

The five-storey complex, dubbed an intelligent building, has 76 lanes for cars, which are divided equally to enter and leave the country.

There are 50 lanes in and 50 lanes out for motorcycles.

As for buses, there will be 25 parking bays allocated for entry and exit.

“We have already made all the necessary changes based on our trial runs,” the source said, adding there were also dozens of closed circuit cameras fitted in and around the complex.

There is a security command centre located on the fifth floor to oversee all security aspects of the building.

It is learnt the payment rates are still the same as the charges imposed at the present complex and only Touch ’n Go cards are allowed to be used for payment.

There are multi-lingual touch screen information display panels to assist visitors entering Johor.

It is learnt the project was delayed due to the cancellation of the Scenic Bridge project and also the construction of the short-term access road linking the causeway and the complex.

The first floor of the complex would handle clearance for cars and motorcycles while the second floor was for those who travel in buses.

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