Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to make your boss like you

The 9 tips to let your boss like you are:

* Make your boss look good
* Understand your boss
* Understand your boss' expectations and do more than is expected of you
* Provide solutions rather than problems
* Working independently on the job
* Make your time count
* Communicate with your boss
* Watch your code of conduct
* Showing positivism in your life and work

Beside that, the following are something usually done by employee to please their boss, but might not work at all:

* Trying to look productive but nothing is happening
* Making your boss look good in the wrong way
* Tripod-ding and apple-polishing
* Working overly independent of your boss

For detailed explanation of all the above points, grab yourself a copy of November 2010 Personal Money magazine and read through page 59-61.

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